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Introduction to MicroController

Category: Engineering

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Course Details:

Microprocessors, microcomputers, and microcontrollers: similarities, differences, uses, and the notion of embedded systems. Computer organisation and architecture: bus and memory organisation, Harvard vs Von Neumann architectures, elements of instruction set architectures, RISC vs CISC, instruction execution, Input/Output interfaces. Comparison of microcontrollers/microprocessors. Hard-wired versus programmed logic.

PIC 16F877A: System architecture, internal organization of typical microprocessor, instruction execution, addressing modes. Addressing schemes-memory mapping, input/output mapping. Machine code programming.

PIC controller Laboratory

Lab 1: Flashing an LED

Lab 2: Basic digital input and output

Lab 3: Four bit binary counter

Lab 4: Interfacing a character LCD


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Course Details:

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