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Sociology of Management

Category: Social and Management Sciences

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Course Details:

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1. Sociology of management as a science

·         Management sociology, its concept and reasons for its appearance

·         Object, subject and methods of sociology of management

·         Problems, functions and principles of sociology of management


 2.  Management as social relations

·         Definitions of the term “management”

·         Background

·         School approaches to management

3. Leadership

·         Definitions of the term “leadership”

·         Group leadership : motivation

·         Leadership Styles


 4. Team and group as the objects of management

·         Team size, composition, and formation

·         Types of team

·         Group development

·         Group communication

·         Conflict management


5.  organizational Behaviour.

·         Organization

·         Organizational structure

·         Organizational structure types

·         Organizational culture

·         Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRM


Course Details:

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Course Details:

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