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Water and Wastewater Engineering

Category: Engineering

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Course Details:

CVE 502: Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering (2, 0, 1) 3 Units

Water supply: principles of design of works for the collection and distribution of water supplies, including abstraction, storage, pumping, distribution and network analysis.

Water treatment: definition of water quality; standards; scientific basis and design of unit processes in water treatment.

Urban Drainage: system definition, hydraulics, rainfall, stormwater and its collection, wastewater and its collection, combined sewers, stormwater management. Wastewater treatment: system definition, nature of sewage/wastewaters; and effluent quality requirements; treatment processes: primary sedimentation, activated sludge, biological filters, sludge treatment and disposal.

Water and Wastewater inter-relationship, water sources, water health, water borne diseases. Analysis of water – physical, chemical, microscopic, bacteriological and radiological.

Water Treatment-flow diagrams for the treatment of surface and groundwater, preliminary treatment, screening, coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation. Slow sand, rapid sand and pressure filters. Disinfection, water softening, iron and manganese removal. Chemical water treatment. Distribution. Design fundamentals for water supply, treatment and water distribution systems, including storage. Sources of wastewater, industrial and domestic wastewater, surveys.


  • Instrumentation: General introduction to equipment and reagent in water and wastewater laboratory.
  • Determination of water and wastewater characteristics: physical; colour, taste, odour, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, etc. Coagulation and flocculation experiment.
  • Determination of solids in wastewater and industrial effluents (dissolved solids, suspended solids, volatile, total solids, TSS, TDS, etc),
  • Chemical: determination of PH, alkalinity, acidity, total hardness, calcium hardness, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) analysis, Co2, iron, chloride, magnesium, Nitrates, sulphates concentrations in water etc. Chloride determination using argentometric method. Test for Chlorine, phosphorus, nitrogen and heavy metals.
  • Microbiological: bacteriological analysis, coliforms (faecal, total, identification and enumeration of techniques, MNP, Colony count.
  • Determination of pH of portable, polluted water and various soils.

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Course Details:

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