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General Biology I

Category: Sciences

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Course Details:

BIO 101 - General Biology 1


MODULE 1; Cell Structure and Organization : Definition of a cell, Cytology versus Cell Biology, History of Cell Biology, Ultastructures of Plant and Animal Cells, Differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells.

MODULE 2:  Functions of Cellular Organelles, and their Structure, Plasma membrane and Cell wall, Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER), Golgi apparatus, Lysosomes, Microbodies-Peroxixomes and Glycoxyxomes, Mitochondria, Plastids, Nucleus, Chromosomes, Ribosomes Centrioles and Basal bodies

MODULE 3:Interelationship of Organisms- Symbiosis : Mutualism , Commensalism, Protocooperation, Parasitism,Predation, Amensalism,Competition. Living and Non living things, Characteristics and Classification of living things , Elements of Ecology and Habitat

MODULE 4: CELL DIVISION- Definition, Introductory concepts, Steps in  Cell Division, Types of Cell Division, Mitosis

MODULE 5: Meiosis, Differences Between Mitosis and Meiosis

MODULE 6: Chromosome Theory of Hereditary, Linkage and Crossing Over

MODULE 7: HEREDITY- Gene Terms, Mendel's Work

MODULE 8 ; CELL GROWTH- Levels of Growth , Kinetics of Cell Growth , Mechanisms of cell growth, Methods of Measuring

                       growth, Types of cell growth , Cell Growth Disorder.

                       REPRODUCTION: Types of Gametogenesis, Fertilization, Significance of Fertilization.

MODULE 9:  MUTATION ( Somatic and Germinal) - Causes , Chromosomal Mutation, Gene Mutation and its Effects, Types of


MODULE 10: EVOLUTION-Theories ,Modern Views and Human Evolution






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Course Details:

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