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Introduction to International Relations and Diplomacy II

Category: Social and Management Sciences

Course Details:

Course Details:

The study which is arranged into twelve weeks modules is as follow;

Week 1 • An overview of Europe up to 1800 • Students’ responsibilities/Teacher’s guidance

Week 2 Feudalism • Origin of feudalism • Features of feudalism • Prototypes of feudalism

Week 3 • The decline of feudalism (factors) • Effects of feudalism

Week 4 • The Manorial or Seigniorial (economic basis of feudalism)

Week 5 The Crusades • Background to Crusades • Cessation of Crusades • Failure of Crusades • Effects of Crusades on Europe

Week 6 The development of Town and Cities in Medieval Europe • The origins of medieval cities and towns • Developmental process • Nature of the cities • The role of guild system (merchants and traders associations) in the development

Week 7 The Reformation (Catholic Reformation) • Background to the Protestant Reformation • Luther’s education and early religious experiences • The Indulgence controversy and the ninety five thesis

Week 8 The Counter Reformation • The Inquisition • Society of Jesus • The Council of Trent

Week 9 • The Scientific Revolution

Week 10 • Monarchical Absolutism

Week 11 • Industrial Revolution

Week 12 The French Revolution • Causes • Course • Consequences

Course Details:

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Course Details:

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