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Race and Ethnicity in International Relations

Category: Social and Management Sciences

Course Details:

Course Details:

The study which is arranged into twelve weeks modules is as below;

Week 1

  • General introduction to the study
  • Students’ responsibilities/Teacher’s guidance

Week 2

  • Race in International Relations (defining racism)
  • Origin of the contemporary racism

Week 3

  • Racism as ideology
  • Racial discrimination as official government/foreign policy

Week 4

  • Marxist theory of racism and racial discrimination
  • Class, race and gender

Week 5

  • The concept of ethnicity
  • Nature of ethnicity
  • Nationalism, nation and ethnic nationalism

Week 6

Theories of ethnicity

  • Primordalism
  • Constructivism

Week 7

Theories of ethnicity

  • Instrumentalism
  • Other theories of ethnicity (school of thoughts)

Week 8

Types of racism

  • Scientific racism
  • Individual racism
  • Structural and ideological racism
  • Reverse racism
  • Anti-Semitic racism

Week 9

  • National question and regional/international stability

Week 10

Reparations issue in changing world order

  • Meaning of reparation
  • Cases of reparations in the World order
  • Decolonisation and reparations in the non-European/American societies (discussions)

Week 11

  • Case studies of multiracial and ethnic conflict and collaboration in the international system; focus more on the selected African states and communities.

Week twelve

  • Revision of the study
  • Assessment

Course Details:

No contents available

Course Details:

No contents available

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